Eric Marty wants to make an indie game called Tales of People. The goal of People is to create a dysfunctional comedy starring the main character named People who is a B-rate video game character just trying not to suck at life. The game follows People as he meets friends, makes enemies, gets drunk, and tries not to lose his shitty job as the main character in an ill-producted action-adventure platformer, Tales of People the Dinosaur.

Tales of People Characters

Meet the Robot of Doom, Ray and his brother Jay, The Ex, and of course People. Other characters involved in ToP include Classy Steak and a small crew of British zombies.

Eric Marty and friends

The problem is that this is a big game, it has a long story, and I'm busy dealing with the same shit that People is battling in the game.

So here's the plan, I made a website (this website) to track my progress as I try to figure out how the game development process works so that I can develop a proper version of Tales of People. You can follow my journey right here on the blog.